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Island hopping in the Caribbean

10th May, 2019

Island hopping in the Caribbean is great adventure to be had, we’ve been lucky enough to experience the “hop” first hand and ready to spill the beans on what’s what when it comes to the hop.

We have collated the most frequently asked questions and popped them in this fabulous post for your perusal…

How many Caribbean Islands can you hop between?

There are 28 Island nations and more than 7000 individual islands including the uninhabited and private off-shore islands, traveling between those that can be visited is easy by plane or ferry. Some islands can be used as base with exploration on smaller islands in near-by waters but for an unforgettable trip I would suggest a two or three island hop between Antigua, Barbados, Saint Lucia, Nassau, Great Exuma, Grenada and Jamaica.

What are the flights like?

The flights in all essence are fabulous. Quick and easy.

We flew with Liat, the aircraft was small with one aisle through the middle and two seats on each side, refreshments were included free of charge and they had a fab magazine titled Zing. Many Liat flights hop around the Caribbean on a daily basis, for the locals they are used as buses for quick transportation to visit family, go to work or have a few days away.

Before now we didn’t know much about this Caribbean airline, we were scrolling through the many recipes, must-see tips and hidden treasures within the Zing magazine when we found an article celebrating the 60th anniversary of Liats first ever flight - it’s clear that these guys are experts at island hopping.

How long does it take?

Not long, it’s pretty much up, have a drink, down and welcome to your next island paradise.
Depending on which islands you are traveling to it can take anywhere from 40 minutes to 2 hours 20 minutes.

Aren’t all the Caribbean islands the same, why would you want to island hop?

From the outset, yes, they are all the same; paradisiacal islands, white sand beaches, turquoise waters and the standard Caribbean “Dont worry, be happy” attitude. It’s when you dig a little deeper and get to the heart and soul of each island that you see a difference.

It is your choice of hotel that will have the biggest impact on differentiating between the islands.

We stayed in Antigua at Sandals Grande Antigua, the resort was farce, spread out like a seaside village amongst the coconut palms, as the world's most romantic resort the nightlife was low key, there was an ambience of peace, tranquillity and love. We took part in water sports from the huge stretch of beautiful beach.

We hopped over to Barbados and stayed at Sandals Barbados, everything here felt much more intimate and at night-time, well, I witnessed dance moves I never thought possible. The music was pumping, I was bare foot on the beach, sipping rum cocktails and dancing the night away with the locals.

Barbados is well known for its Turtle conservation programme, we were amazed at the lengths they go to to protect these little guys, we saw some hatchling nests and witnessed some of these beautiful creatures in the ocean.

All the Caribbean islands offer something different, some complement each other, some offer a complete contrast. 

Here's a little guide on what to expect from some of our favourite islands:

Grenada - This is the spice isle of the Caribbean: The land of spices, exotic flowers and rare fruits. Feel the warmth of the people and experience the energizing adventures of Grenada.

Jamaica - This island nation is a nature lover's paradise, with its exploding waterscape of fluidic rivers, lush waterfalls, sea-green beaches and colorful culture.

Bahamas - The Great Exuma cluster, a 120-mile locale of the Bahamas is comprised of over 300 small islands that are surrounded by coral reefs, colorful fish, and protective sandbanks.

Saint Lucia - St. Lucia, known as Helen of the West or Simply Beautiful offers an amazingly rich destination experience to all her visitors complete with cocoa plantations and pitons.

Turks & Caicos - Home to the world's only commercial Conch Farm, the Turks and Caicos Islands burst with crystalline, turquoise waters, as magical lore of yesteryear lurk among its isolated cays.

Antigua - This unique island is well-known for her plentiful 365 beaches and fully-restored sugar mills that now serve as houses, restaurants, shops and bars.

Barbados - A unique Caribbean paradise, that is actually two land masses merged together over the years. It is a surprisingly sophisticated, friendly, fun and always Naturally Charming!

Does it work out more expensive to Island hop as opposed to staying in one place?

No, if anything it is better value. The only extra to pay is for the journey between islands, the cost of the internal flights are minimal and sometimes can be bagged free of charge. By hopping islands, you are adding diversity and experience to your trip, it will leave you with unforgettable memories.

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